Last night making homemade peanut butter cups was a go. As much as I looked for the original recipe that struck the cooking bug inside of me, I couldn’t find it. It was such an easy recipe I thought I’d just wing it and so I did. It wasn’t a disaster but I do think next time I’ll make a few adjustments. Such as not using semi sweet chocolate and using milk chocolate instead. Once the semi sweet froze, it was more of a dark chocolate taste than anything and I really really REALLY don’t like dark chocolate anything!

The peanut butter spread was amazing. I piped it into the center of a cup using a plastic bag with the tip cut and it was so easy. I’ve always wanted to use the quicky piping method for decorating pastries but I’ve always opt’d for a more professional look and bought tips. Since this was just for myself and my family, I didn’t take beauty into consideration. I wanted them made and made quickly so we could eat them. The whole process took about 40 minutes give or take. After about 40 minutes, I couldn’t hold back the temptation and devoured one then my husband followed suit.

The girls have yet to have theirs but I’ve made plenty and they’ll get the chance to have one this afternoon. I made them pretty late in the night and I wasn’t going to give them giant peanut butter cups right before bed but I’m hoping that they enjoy them when they finally get to taste one.


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