Play-dough Thursday!

Its only Thursday and I’ve already re-decorated my kitchen, started two new crafting projects and I’m getting ready to work on one of the latter. I’ve had this insane burst of energy this week and I wanted to utilize it in a productive manner and although I’ve accomplished a lot these past few days, I always feel the need to incorporate my little ones in something too.

I woke up wanting to create something new and wanted to feed their creative nature as well. My first thought was painting but since I’ve run out of spare cloth I needed something else, something more hands on than their last.

Home made play-dough.

The recipe for this is super easy.

Food colouring (or sugar free Kool-Aid powder)

1 cup of flour,

1/2 salt,

1 cup water,

2 tablespoons vegetable oil.

Combine water, salt, food colouring and oil into saucepan.

Heat until warm.

Add flour and knead until smooth.

Use a Ziploc bag to store in cool, dry area.

* Adding cream of tartar to the flour allows the dough to be stored for an extra 6 months. 



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