My Little Chef…Kinda.

Tonight I let my eldest daughter pick what she wanted for dinner. The past few days I’ve been letting the girls explore their independence more in the kitchen. Yes, I’m one of those moms. I freak out about everything but considering I’ve been freaking out about everything these past 4 years, I’ve also slowly driven myself mad. So, I’m taking a new approach. Self exploration. They’ve always been pretty independent kids, which is nice… to a point. I’ve always said the kitchen was off limits but since I’ve been finding myself spending a lot of my free time there baking and cooking up culinary awesomness, I figured a few extra hands couldn’t help.

So far they’ve helped with little things like mastering the art of mixing, sifting and cleaning the utensils after they’ve been dipped in chocolate. All good qualities to have in a assistance chef if you ask me. Tonight though, it’s a bit different. I gave her the option to pick:  (1) meat (2) vegetables and (1) dessert (i.e you get apple sauce or peaches) and to my delight she picked the easiest thing in the world to make. Smoked sausage and potatoes with sauteed baby carrots.

Mother approved.

I was thinking we were headed down pizza alley or fish finger way but thankfully she actually picked something everyone enjoys eating. I couldn’t be happier and I’m sure her sister, whom is my little carnivore, is excited about tonight’s dinner. Especially since she was napping while it was being made and just woke to hear the good news. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her get out of her bed faster. Not that I’m complaining.

I think after dinner I’m going to settle in and start doing my Halloween decorations. I’ve yet to get the girls a costume but I think I know who wants to be what. My oldest wants to be Minnie or a Disney Princess and my youngest wants to be Thomas the Train. She’s on this train kick, I wish I could find a train around here and let her ride on one. Maybe I’ll take her to the one at the zoo, then we can ride around the park on the train and she can spaz happily like her mother would.


The Beach In October?!

The answer is: YES!

It was absolutely perfect. It wasn’t too hot not to mention the typical summer rush of beach goers was down to a minimum of, well, hardly anyone. There was another family there with their son, an older lady who came to sit out and read and my family. Perfect! We didn’t have to deal with the pushing and shoving of drunken tourist or more importantly, the drunken locals. It was an easy going venture that lead to some great memories, a much needed rest for the hubby and I and some great outdoor time for the girls.

The one thing I would have loved to have prevented would have been the lady and her family feeding the birds. Ugh! Those seagulls are vial, nasty creatures that I despise. As I was touring the dock with the girls a guy walked by eating something and right above him, hovering over his head as if he were food himself, were a flock of seagulls. I couldn’t believe how nonchalant he was, walking down the boardwalk munching on a his savory burger, but I guess for some it makes no difference.

The best part is that the girls enjoyed the outing. It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to get out to the beach and today was a real treat for them. They played in the water a bit and attempted to build a sandcastle, which was always being destroyed if one didn’t like the direction it was going; sibling rivalry at it’s finest I guess. I’m just happy the whole family had fun and that’s really what matters. Taking the time out of our hectic schedule to enjoy what really matters:



My life has consisted of a lot of cutting and sewing these past few weeks. So much so that I’ve barely come up for air. In true Ashley fashion, I’ve plowed head first into numerous projects of the reconstructive nature. Basically, I take all of my daughters’ and mine old clothes and turn it into something new. Heck, I’ve even taken an old button up of the Mr’s and turned it into a new top for myself…and I have to admit, I’m in love. (:

Who knew you could completely redo your wardrobe for less than half of what you’ve paid for it. Not to mention, thrifting helps a lot too. The clothes are cheap so you if you mess up or “get lost along the creative path” as I like to say; you don’t have to worry about the cost! You can easily turn it into a “new” decorative piece/place setting or even a cleaning rag. It really has been a lot of fun, I even let the girls pick out which fabrics and patches they’d like to add to their clothes. They never pick the same thing twice and it’s always fun to watch them “discuss” the possibilities.

My next thing is tackling the furniture. I haven’t been able to get everything I need but I’m surely making my way there and adding one or two things from my list. I won’t lie, I’ve yet to start the dresser simply because I can’t see myself hand sanding something, I’m too spoiled by electronics that I’m waiting to buy an electric sander. (Hehe!) But once I have it in my possession, nothing shall stop me. Muahaha!!! Along with a (hopefully) new and more durable sewing machine. :op


Last night making homemade peanut butter cups was a go. As much as I looked for the original recipe that struck the cooking bug inside of me, I couldn’t find it. It was such an easy recipe I thought I’d just wing it and so I did. It wasn’t a disaster but I do think next time I’ll make a few adjustments. Such as not using semi sweet chocolate and using milk chocolate instead. Once the semi sweet froze, it was more of a dark chocolate taste than anything and I really really REALLY don’t like dark chocolate anything!

The peanut butter spread was amazing. I piped it into the center of a cup using a plastic bag with the tip cut and it was so easy. I’ve always wanted to use the quicky piping method for decorating pastries but I’ve always opt’d for a more professional look and bought tips. Since this was just for myself and my family, I didn’t take beauty into consideration. I wanted them made and made quickly so we could eat them. The whole process took about 40 minutes give or take. After about 40 minutes, I couldn’t hold back the temptation and devoured one then my husband followed suit.

The girls have yet to have theirs but I’ve made plenty and they’ll get the chance to have one this afternoon. I made them pretty late in the night and I wasn’t going to give them giant peanut butter cups right before bed but I’m hoping that they enjoy them when they finally get to taste one.