When Daddy is away. Mommy will play.

Ok so not technically “away” but this weekend my hubby made a trip to the emergency room and while he was attached to the bed the entire weekend upon his release, I was able to get some crafting done. I wanted to reupholster our couch but after that unplanned financial fiasco I had to make do with something not so costly.

Cutting and painting glass.

You don’t need much to do this project: Cold water, string, Acetone (nail polish remover), A lighter or matches and scissors or, in my case, my husband’s carpet knife and instead of buying expensive glass paint, I made my own using Elmer’s school glue, food colouring and dish liquid.  Everything I needed was already in the house, with the exception of the string and food colouring, so I knew that this was going to be a project that I could do every week without worrying about putting a dent in the bank account. Which makes me very happy.

This is my set up.

I also enlisted the help of two assistants to make this project move a little faster.

Once the string is wrapped around the part of the bottle you’d like to cut, and let me take a moment to point out that the bottle in the picture, did not break, at all. I tried it at least 3 times and I believe it was just too thick so chose your bottles carefully. Wine bottles work very well I learned. After the string is wrapped, take it off and saturate it with acetone. Try not to get any of the acetone on the rest of the bottle, the flame will follow the trail and when you go to place it in the cold water, the whole bottle will break. Again, learned from trial and error. I found the easiest way, for me, was to take some of the acetone and poor it directly over the string after I tied it and then wipe the bottle dry.

Next, take your matches or lighter and light the string. It will immediately catch fire if done properly so take this time, while it burns off, to spin the bottle slowly one direction and then the other. Once all of the acetone has burned away place the bottle in the cold water and it should instantly break.

That’s the fun part!

To paint the bottles mix your school glue with the food colouring dye of your choice, add a few drops of dish liquid and mix. Once your bottle is completely dry, inside and out, fill the inside with your paint and turn the bottle to coat the inside. You can use a skinny paint brush if needed. Paint the outside using a regular brush and try not to leave streaks or drip marks in the paint  so it will have a nice smooth surface when it dries. The finished look is beautifully coloured new pieces for you to decorate your home.



My life has consisted of a lot of cutting and sewing these past few weeks. So much so that I’ve barely come up for air. In true Ashley fashion, I’ve plowed head first into numerous projects of the reconstructive nature. Basically, I take all of my daughters’ and mine old clothes and turn it into something new. Heck, I’ve even taken an old button up of the Mr’s and turned it into a new top for myself…and I have to admit, I’m in love. (:

Who knew you could completely redo your wardrobe for less than half of what you’ve paid for it. Not to mention, thrifting helps a lot too. The clothes are cheap so you if you mess up or “get lost along the creative path” as I like to say; you don’t have to worry about the cost! You can easily turn it into a “new” decorative piece/place setting or even a cleaning rag. It really has been a lot of fun, I even let the girls pick out which fabrics and patches they’d like to add to their clothes. They never pick the same thing twice and it’s always fun to watch them “discuss” the possibilities.

My next thing is tackling the furniture. I haven’t been able to get everything I need but I’m surely making my way there and adding one or two things from my list. I won’t lie, I’ve yet to start the dresser simply because I can’t see myself hand sanding something, I’m too spoiled by electronics that I’m waiting to buy an electric sander. (Hehe!) But once I have it in my possession, nothing shall stop me. Muahaha!!! Along with a (hopefully) new and more durable sewing machine. :op