Back Into The Swing Of Things.

 Now that the holidays are almost over I’m flung right back into “reality”. A few days ago an electrical outlet blew and it basically took out two rooms, one being my laundry room. So I’ve been having to relocating our laundry room and living area to basically the middle of our house in our “storage room”. I am not looking forward to these changes. 

For the amount of space we have, we have little to no storage and it’s extremely frustrating as we’ve had to convert our dining room into a storage room. It’s closed off via the kitchen with a door and the other side is a make shift curtain. Beautiful, I know,  but at least it looks presentable and I’m not showing off boxes and bins when people walk down that hallway.

I don’t think I’ll be hosting a party until I can get this issue fixed. I’m bummed to say the least that this had to happen right around the holidays but I am relieved to know that it didn’t put a damper on my family and that’s really what means the most to me. However, it will put a damper on my bank account and that is slightly depressing but it needs to be done.

I want my laundry and entertaining room back!




As you all know the holidays are a time for family, friends and amazing pow-wows which involve catching up with everyone’s life adventures and thinking of ways to create new memories. Well, for me the holidays mean cleaning. Lots and lots of cleaning. Removing unwanted or unneeded items and donating or selling them to make room for everything else that shall now clutter my household. 

My mother is visiting from South Florida this weekend and I am more than thrilled to have her here just in time for Christmas. Since she has moved it’s been a bit hectic for me, I no longer have anyone to actually watch my children while I clean so a lot of things changed instantly once she moved. Primarily the use of cleaning products. I no longer spend the crazy amount of money to purchase cleaning products for my house..I simply make them myself.

Doing a little research I found great recipes to make your own cleaning supplies with items you normally have around your everyday house.

White Vinegar: it’s great for cutting grease and removing mildew. 

Isopropyl Alcohol: A great disinfectant. (I would suggest diluting the alcohol with water for safe measure)

Lavender and/or Fragrance Oils. I love the smell of lavender and use it primarily in all of my fragrance products. It’s also really delicious in food. (The plant not the oil) 

Lemon: Nature’s own acidic bacteria cleanser (and it smells great!)

Baking Soda:  Deodorizes, scours and cleans. (great for stubborn stoves/pans)


To make an “All-Purpose” Cleaner:

Mix 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup baking soda into 1/2 gallon of water.

I use this cleaner mainly in my bathroom to clean the chrome fixtures, remove water stains and clean the mirrors.

Air Freshener:

There are so many tricks for this. One of my favourite is combining lavender and lavender oil into a small pan and bring to a low broil on the stove. It fills the house with this amazing smell and you can use whatever type of oil or flower you’d like to freshen your home.

If that’s a bit much and you want something simple. Combine baking soda or vinegar with lemon juice in small dishes around the house and let it absorb the odors or grind a lemon in the garbage disposal and let the house fill with that lemony fresh scent. 

Carpet Stains:

If you have children like I do then you know all about carpet stains. I remember trying everything to get those stubborn juice stains out and finally, I did and I made it myself. No more Stanley Steamer for me! To do make your own carpet cleaner do the following:

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, spray directly onto the stain and let sit for about 5-10 minutes. Then clean with a warm, soapy sponge or carpet brush. For a more “heavy duty” cleaner, mix 1/4 cup of salt, borax and vinegar. Rub the paste into the carpet for a few hours and then vacuum. 


I hope you all enjoy these. I know I do. 🙂

Happy Halloween

The girls and I are beyond ready for a little Trick or Treating today. The hubs and I purchased their costumes a few days ago in order to get them ready for our town’s downtown trick or treating extravaganza. Over 50 companies held their doors open for two hours just to hand out candy to the little ones. It was truly amazing to see, all the little ones and adults all costumed up and parading from door to door. I think my favourite part was all of the chocolate the girls received and in true mother fashion, I took it all. Not to be cruel but because the last thing my children need is chocolate. They have this natural energy high that if I could bottle and sell, would make me a trillionaire!

This year the girls were able to pick out their own costumes and thankfully we didn’t wait last minute like the year before. My youngest wanted to be Thomas the Train and my eldest, Snow White. Perfectly fitting if you knew the personalities of these two.


Having twins with completely different personalities is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because you know that they’ll be into totally different things but also a curse because if one has something, the other has to as well. I guess that only applies to the youngest twin but being the youngest myself..I can see where she gets her since of “I want one toooo!”

Since today is actually Halloween and even more festivities will be lining the streets. I thought I’d take the girls to an actual neighborhood considering we live on a street with three houses, one being our own. They haven’t taken off their costumes all week and have been wanting to go trick or treating again so today is the day! (:


May you and your family stay safe this holiday night.

The Beach In October?!

The answer is: YES!

It was absolutely perfect. It wasn’t too hot not to mention the typical summer rush of beach goers was down to a minimum of, well, hardly anyone. There was another family there with their son, an older lady who came to sit out and read and my family. Perfect! We didn’t have to deal with the pushing and shoving of drunken tourist or more importantly, the drunken locals. It was an easy going venture that lead to some great memories, a much needed rest for the hubby and I and some great outdoor time for the girls.

The one thing I would have loved to have prevented would have been the lady and her family feeding the birds. Ugh! Those seagulls are vial, nasty creatures that I despise. As I was touring the dock with the girls a guy walked by eating something and right above him, hovering over his head as if he were food himself, were a flock of seagulls. I couldn’t believe how nonchalant he was, walking down the boardwalk munching on a his savory burger, but I guess for some it makes no difference.

The best part is that the girls enjoyed the outing. It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to get out to the beach and today was a real treat for them. They played in the water a bit and attempted to build a sandcastle, which was always being destroyed if one didn’t like the direction it was going; sibling rivalry at it’s finest I guess. I’m just happy the whole family had fun and that’s really what matters. Taking the time out of our hectic schedule to enjoy what really matters:



My life has consisted of a lot of cutting and sewing these past few weeks. So much so that I’ve barely come up for air. In true Ashley fashion, I’ve plowed head first into numerous projects of the reconstructive nature. Basically, I take all of my daughters’ and mine old clothes and turn it into something new. Heck, I’ve even taken an old button up of the Mr’s and turned it into a new top for myself…and I have to admit, I’m in love. (:

Who knew you could completely redo your wardrobe for less than half of what you’ve paid for it. Not to mention, thrifting helps a lot too. The clothes are cheap so you if you mess up or “get lost along the creative path” as I like to say; you don’t have to worry about the cost! You can easily turn it into a “new” decorative piece/place setting or even a cleaning rag. It really has been a lot of fun, I even let the girls pick out which fabrics and patches they’d like to add to their clothes. They never pick the same thing twice and it’s always fun to watch them “discuss” the possibilities.

My next thing is tackling the furniture. I haven’t been able to get everything I need but I’m surely making my way there and adding one or two things from my list. I won’t lie, I’ve yet to start the dresser simply because I can’t see myself hand sanding something, I’m too spoiled by electronics that I’m waiting to buy an electric sander. (Hehe!) But once I have it in my possession, nothing shall stop me. Muahaha!!! Along with a (hopefully) new and more durable sewing machine. :op